Recruitment campaigns

Recruitment campaigns

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We propose to conduct the recruitment as in our previous recruitment campaigns for several foreign companies.




1. Advertisement in Romanian newspapers

    We propose to publish an advertisement for jobs in a reputable Romanian newspaper. The number of various posts will require a full-page advertisement.

    The lump sum cost of the advertisement publishing, handling of CVs, their review and handling, sending CVs’ copies by fax or mail and relevant correspondence would be on charge of "Andreea Trading 96".


If the recruitment campaign is successful and if The Employer requests the interview, "Andreea Trading 96" will organize the interview with the requested candidates.

3. Mobilization

We will assist in mobilization of all specialist approved by The Employer for employment until the specialists’ departure from Bucharest, Romania.

The assistance will include handling administrative matters and data necessary for obtaining by The Employer necessary visas and permits, arranging candidates medical examinations and health certificates, sworn translation to Arabic language of all necessary documents (diplomas, certificates, qualification references etc.) authentication of documents.

The lump sum cost of mobilization per specialist will be in the charge of "Andreea Trading 96".

4. Services at self cost lump sum

Processing of selected candidates who accepted the offer.

  • medical test
  • vaccination
  • visa assistance
  • assistance for flight

5. Services at The Employer Charge

  • Accommodation, transportation, and meals will be provided by The Employer for each employed candidate.
  • Ensures free medical assistance for the recruit during their service with The Employer
  • Provides for contractor’s personnel, accident, death and travel insurance commensurate with The Employer policy


Best solution for both candidates and employers